Exploration and Discovery

Exploration and Discovery
The Outdoor Classroom

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

professional development day 1

I am feeling a little overwhelmed; the teaching seems easy compared to the scheduling! School politics is visible , but as the new kid on the block I am trying to just focus on what it means for me and my students. As I map out the year I realize how ambitious it is. I still think my flow makes sense, but I am less convinced that the progression can be determined by the calendar. I am trying to think of it only as my goal post and the field is wide pen right now...as we get into the year the offense will be coming on strong.

Football analogies aside. I LOVE the 5th grade curriculum for social studies and language arts- they are dovetailed really nicely. If I can graduate these kids able to read non-fiction, write a multiple paragraph essay with a bibliography, and knowing a little bit about life in the US before Columbus, the explorers and westward expansion, the American Revolution and how a bill becomes law, and, oh yeah, the states and capitals- it will be a three pointer!

Monday, August 8, 2011

setting up a new classroom

OMG I have been in almost every day for weeks and I am finally feeling like my classroom is set up. I can't imagine how teachers do it with two or three days notice. There is so much to pour through and weed out. I know some people wouldn't put in the hours off the clock, but it is a quality of life issue for me. It would be similar to not cleaning up a mess in my home because it wasn't my mess...well, I still have to live with it.