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Exploration and Discovery
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Intensives Coming To An End

Every night I have the best of intentions of recapping all that I learned and posting here for others to read, but after dinner and homework, I brush my teeth and fall fast asleep. This morning I swore I would make up for crawling into bed early with my current read, Mark of the Dragonfly, but here I am after breakfast with only a few minutes until the muggy trek to TC>

The truth is, I am so incredibly grateful that I got into the TCRWP summer intensive, and on top of that to have been able to attend the conference in June/July, so that I have the rest of the summer to digest what I have learned, finish reading all the materials, and make plans for what and how I will incorporate more of the workshop best practices into my classroom.

for anyone who wants to make heads or tails of my notes, here is a link to my evernote in class notes

I have a lot of photos of charts and links to videos, but that will have to wait. I have left myself two days to be in New York after the Workshop ends. I had originally planned to do some sightseeing, but I think a walk to Strawberry Fields, to "Imagine" my classroom next year is all I really care about doing. I will just have to come back another time for the tourist trip.

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