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Exploration and Discovery
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Friday, July 11, 2014

We are not the enemy

I happened to go to Office Depot today to recycle some ink cartridges and pick up some labels for leveling my library. When I got towards the back I saw that they had Composition Notebooks on sale for $1- college ruled!- but there were no more on the shelf. When I asked the sales person if there were any in back, she went to check and brought out a "case" of 12 notebooks.  When I told her that I was looking for 64, she told me there was a limit; teachers could not buy more than a certain amount. I told her I hadn't seen any limit on the sale sign, so we went back together to check it out. No Limit. So she went into the back and got me what she said was her last case; bringing me up to a grand total of 24, hardly enough for my 2 classes of 32 students. I bought them anyway. As she assured me that I could check back later, that they would have more at that price, I wondered why there would ever be a limit set on teachers. A sale is a sale; isn't it? Do they think that teachers are trying to take advantage of the price point or something? Why should it be cheaper for my student to buy a notebook than for me to buy one for all my students?

What does our city/state/country have against teachers?

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